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A choreographic solo work created for Madeleine Månsson by Maria Koliopoulou


Towards a future solo

Towards a future solo, Madeleine Månsson and Maria Koliopoulou started a discourse revealing their everyday life, their wishes and their thoughts on feminism, disability, power and vulnerability, artistry, athleticism and performativity. Imagining a solo that expresses both of them, their thoughts and attitudes, they open up an ongoing dialogue.


Alone to the world

Through a particular way of singing and the use of her voice, alone in space, Madeleine proposes different ways of moving out of solitude and look out towards the world. The aim of the solo is to quote Ramsay Burt “to call into question rigid and normalising ways of thinking and thus open up alternative ways of relating to others and to the world”.[2]


The title

The title plays with Madeleine’s short name and how one would hear it and not how it is written in Swedish.  So Made, is a solo made for Madde or Madeleine. The proposed title is a temporary one as the process is still open.


With the support of Skånes Dansteater, Dansecentrum Syd and Konstnärsnämnden – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee 

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