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\Nikos Nikopoulos

When our eyes touch 
‘’To touch means to say to tamper with, to change, to displace, to call into question: thus it is invariably a setting in motion, a kinetic experience.’         
                                                                                                                                                            J. Derrida

‘How is the movement material manifested through the voice?’ ‘How is the one medium integrated in the other to reveal each body’s potentiality?’  These questions motivate the choreography elaborating on the unity of movement -breath-voice-singing so to reveal the performer’s own voice.


The artistic research project is inspired from Jacques Derrida’s “On Touching – Jean-Luc Nancy” where using the philosophy of Jean – Luc Nancy, he takes us on deconstructive journey of touch through the centuries. ‘When our eyes touch, is it day or is it night?’ asks Derrida. Addressing questions regarding the female body, touch and visibility this choreographic work wants to inform the experience of exposing oneself to others while taking a step backward, a moment of withdrawal so as to look behind the eyes of the other and discover the gaze of the other.

Concept, Choreography, Performance Maria Koliopoulou                                                              
Artistic collaboration Mariza Vinieratou                                                                                 
Dramaturgy consultant Betina Panagiotara                                                                                             
Vocal coaching - Vocal dramaturgy Anna Pagalou                                                                                     
Sound design Yiannis Isidorou                                                                                                                    
Lighting design Thomas Oikonomakos                                                                                                 
Costume design Digitaria
Photos Nikos Nikopoulos                                                                                                     
Communication Martha Koskina                                                                                            
Production manager Prosxima Dance Company / Cultόpια                                                                                                
Production Prosxima Dance Company 2022

Premiere 8 December 2022,

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