T e r r a i n   


State Museum’s of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki Off Borders Festival, April 2018

2 - 5 & 9 – 12 June, Trii Art Hub, Athens

Maria Koliopoulou is invited as a guest choreographer between 6-24/3/2017 at the Belgrade Dance Institute.



for Editta Braun Dance Company

Premiered at tanz_house herbst, Salzburg 21 October 2017

Kinitiras, Athens, 16 December 2017

a room (of her own) - [action] 34

5th Greek Dance Platform, organised by the Greek Choreographers Assotiation, at the Athens concert hall, 23 October 2016.

Premiered at the Théâtre National Algérien during the Festival Culturel International de la Danse Contemporaine, Algiers 2014. 

Invited by the Greek Embassy and with the support of the Onassis Cultural Centre.

TanzKosmos 2014 - KosmosTheater – egal-equal festival, Vienna, November 2014.

Dance days Chania, July 2016

Prosxima dance company at Benaki Museum during the [OUT]TOPIAS exhibition: 22/09 - 20/11/201
Archeological site of Piraeus Walls and Ksylapothiki building, 8th of June 2016

mneme ‐ [action] 21

2nd Prix at the Festival Culturel International de la Danse Contemporaine, Algiers 2013

Premiered at the Onassis Cultural Centre: 15‐18 December 2011

Chora Theatre, Athens,  25‐28 May 2012, Festival of the Greek Choreographers Association


Kosmos Theater, Vienna, 24 November 2012

singularity - [action] 8

Premiered at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, June 2010

Duncan Centre Prague, May 2010

2nd Contemporary Dance Festival, Serres - March 2010.

Balkan Dance Platform 2011, Ljublana, 19-23 April. Curator: Jan Fabre