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 a room (of her own) - [action] 34

A research for the voice of the body and its embodied insides of the world we are living and the world’s we are carrying with us through the centuries. A choreographic study on how the body can reveal itself, through the myths it embodies.

Continuing the investigation concerning the body as an embodied message carrier, using practice as research method, choreographer Maria Koliopoulou suggests a mythological journey narrated through the body’s actions and its movement qualities.


choreographer:Maria Koliopoulou

Performer: Ioanna Apostolou / Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

Music/Sound designer: Yannis Isidorou

Light designer: Thomas Economacos

costume designer: Adonis Volanakis

Photo: [Aalek]

A Prosxima Dance Company production

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