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Singularity - [action] 8 


A solo for two is the new work of the company. The title of the work is inspired by the theory of general relativity, where a singularity arises during the creation of a black hole.


“At the center of a black hole lies the singularity, where matter is crushed to infinite density, the pull of gravity is infinitely strong, and spacetime has infinite curvature. Here it's no longer meaningful to speak of space and time, much less spacetime. Jumbled up at the singularity, space and time cease to exist as we know them”.


Choreographed by: Maria Koliopoulou

Music/Sound designer: Yannis Isidorou

Light designer: Thomas Ekonomacos

Costume designer: Adonis Volanakis

Set designer: Konstantsia Sarafianou

Production director: Dimitra Kritikidi

Performed by: Nikoleta Karmiri, Eugenia Sigalou

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